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How to bypass surveys 2015: Here is the solution. No more Fileice, Sharecash or Cleanfile.

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Bomber/Black Survey Bypasser

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How to bypass surveys 2015. Survey bypasser and survey completer. Make money with Fileice/Sharecash/Adworkmedia and Cleanfile

How to bypass surveys | How to bypass surveys 2015 are some of the most searched words on the web . This is because a lot of content are " blocked " by some sites as Fileice , Cleanfile , Adworkmedia , ShareCash etc. , that allow you to download the product required only after completing a survey, or more than one. The survey unfortunately is not always so easy to complete because it may take to download a software (most often a virus or malware ) , the inclusion of personal data inside some websites or even the paid subscription of some offers for phones . The real question is: is it possible to bypass surveys ?

In the web you can find an endless amount of video that say how to bypass surveys | how to bypass surveys 2015 | how to bypass fileice surveys | how to bypass cleanfile and I could go on for hours; the problem is that it is absolutely impossible to circumvent, in the true sense of the word, the survey. 
However, there are some programs that can complete the survey in your place allowing finalmetne to download your much desired file. The most important and tutt now working on the web is the Black Survey 2.0 Completer offered by the site .

This tool works perfectly the answer to  how to bypass surveys | how to bypass surveys 2015 | how to bypass fileice surveys | how to bypass cleanfile is in that software. 

Thanks to for the article

Bomber Survey Bypasser

First working Survey Bypasser:


How does it work?

Here A video Tutorisl

Look The video Full Screen At 720p

NOTE: The Bomber Survey Bypasser or Black Survey Bypasser works with Fielice, Shrinkonce, Filefire. With Adworkmedia you can use the downloader only on ProductLocker.

What can you do with it ??

This is not like other survey bypasser. In truth, the tool does not bypass any kind of survey. There can be no way to bypass a survey. In fact, our tool uses a proxy to achieve some campaigns / surveys that are able to easily complete. For example ''Dowload surveys / Social media surveys''. Then, using a private proxy, this tool looks for the survey more favorable, and complete this in less than 1 minute. When the tool completes a ''Download Survey'' the downloaded softwares will be not saved on your pc to prevent viruses and malwares; So they will be downloaded on a private server and the file you wanted to download is hosted on

In fact Bomber / Black Survey Bypasser can be useful to make money with your own Fileice Links. You will be able to download about 30 files a day, no more. Proxies are private and are changed every day so Fileice does not detect anything.

How To Get It?

Simply download it from here.
The Original Price is 30$ but here you can get for free.

How To Bypass Fileice Survey- [Mediafire link] Fileice Premium account Updated may 2013

I ve found a great method to bypass fileice survey.. it is not a program.. 100% free RAT risck..  No virus.. it is a simple Ebook. Or if you want to make survey download the premium account from mediafire link.

You can download it from here completing your last survey link

or without surveys

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